The Cathedral Church of St Andrew, Aberdeen welcomes you the home of Christian Hospitality and Culture in the heart of the Granite City of Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.  The hospitality that is at the heart of God and offered by Jesus Christ in his life and death is extended to all, at this house of prayer.  Hope you find this website and the Cathedral welcoming and you will make this your home.

The history of St Andrew’s hospitality began when the Episcopalians were persecuted for their form of prayers, an expression of their faith.  It became visible when Bishop John Skinner made his ‘Upper Room’ St Andrew’s Chapel, a tent pitched between the Merchants’ Quarters and the Slums of Aberdeen to welcome the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant, the native and the stranger.   Samuel Seabury, the First Bishop of the Free World was Consecrated here in 1784 by the ‘Free and Independent’ Bishops in Scotland, inaugurating the birth of the Anglican Communion in Aberdeen.

Recently, the Cathedral welcomed the New Scots, the Refugees from Syria, hosted the first Solidarity Sunday in Scotland bring the Jewish and the Islamic communities together for prayer, offered shelter to the marginalised and those recovering from Drugs and Alcohol dependence.

The Cathedral community is multi generational, multi ethnic and multi cultural, reflecting the Kingdom of God in its rich diversity, united in the love of Jesus Christ.  The Cathedral worship is Choral and Contemporary and it proclaims Christ Crucified as the hope for humanity in its journey towards peace and wholeness.

You are invited to be part of this great adventure.  Come and be blessed and be a blessing.

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