CDP 2020 Project Outline by James Lyon

CDP Project Director James Lyon outlined the Programme

Good evening Bishop, Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Jim Lyon. I am a retired architect, an active member of, and recently closely involved in the new Westhill Community Church project. Earlier I was involved in the reconstruction of St Clements, Mastrick following the extensive storm damage suffered when gales blew off the copper roof in March 2008.

I was delighted and honoured to be invited by your Provost to lead a varied and dedicated team to carry out the Cathedral Development Project 2020. This project has 3 elements. The first is the total refurbishment of the Cathedral. The second is the complete transformation of the old Merchants House adjacent to the John Skinner Centre, recently vacated by Peacock Printers, into the new SEABURY HOUSE. This entails the construction of a 4 bedroom flat for the Provost and his family, a one bedroom flat for guests, and on the ground floor a Song School. The third element is the upgrading of the John Skinner Centre.

The brochure produced by the hard working staff of the Cathedral, which you should all have received on entering tonight, gives a broad outline of the project as well as a brief history of the Cathedral.

The project team consists of members from the Cathedral and the wider diocese. One of your patrons – Lord Glenarthur – is a man of vast experience and connections and a leading figure at St Ternan’s Banchory. Your redoubtable Provost, Isaac Poobalan, brings vision, boundless energy, enthusiasm and prayer to the team.

Professor Andrew Morrisson is a leading trustee, Director of Music and a fount of knowledge and understanding of the running of the Cathedral and the needs of the congregation. From Christ Church, Kincardine O’ Neil, we have Richard Strang-Steel, our Financial Director, and a man of great experience in the financial world. Our Director of Fundraising, Dr Claire Woods, is the Provost’s Warden and Trebles’ Choir Trainer and last, but by no means least, our efficient minute secretary, Lynda Johnston the Cathedral Administrator. To complete the team we have a separate professional design and management team led by James Roy our architect, who has a successful and acclaimed career in the design of church building projects, ably assisted by Quantity Surveyor, Alan Crighton, who will keep an eagle’s eye on costs, and Structural Engineer, Roddy McLeod.

The first priority is to complete Seabury House to accommodate the provost and his family, then to bring this historic Cathedral up to modern standards, of access, heating, lighting and seating to provide an efficient, versatile space to meet the needs of, not only a growing and vibrant 21st century congregation, but also to serve the Diocese and the city centre community. Finally, as funds become available, to upgrade the John Skinner Centre to meet the expanding ministries of the Cathedral. The overall project will take a number of years to complete, but with your help and support by prayer, by talent, by service and by finances, we will restore this magnificent building to its full glory. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.