CDP2020 Launch on 3rd March

CDP 2020 Launch on 3rd March

The Cathedral Development Programme (CDP 2020) was formally launched within the Diocese immediately before the Diocesan Synod Eucharist, which was held in St Andrew’s Cathedral on Friday 3rd March. Lord Glenarthur as a Patron and part of the Cathedral Development Programme team welcomed the gathering and introduced the presenters. The Right Reverend Bishop Robert Wickham of the Edmonton Diocese in London gave an inspirational exploration on ‘The Outrageous Hospitality of God’.

Welcoming Address by The Lord Glenarthur

Bishops, Provost, Members of the Diocesan Clergy, Ladies and Gentlemen: My name is Simon Glenarthur, one of the Patrons for the St Andrew’s Cathedral Development Programme 2020. This exciting enterprise, with details of its implementation, is being formally launched this evening. It is, therefore, my great pleasure to welcome you all most warmly to St Andrew’s Cathedral, ahead of the Diocesan Synod Eucharist which will follow, so that we can tell you about our proposals.

Over the years there have been a number of attempts to take forward the conservation and development of this Cathedral, which lies at the heart of the worshipping community within this Diocese and more widely. None have taken root. But this time, all of us who are privileged to be involved have a new and enhanced sense of purpose. And the Provost, Isaac Poobalan, has assembled a team of experts and advisors to give it due impetus.

We mean business!

My role this evening is simply to introduce some of the team. They will explain the functions that they are fulfilling. At the reception after the Service there will be an opportunity for you to meet them, ask questions and, no doubt, make suggestions. And there are a number of descriptive boards which show aspects of the programme, as well as an appeal brochure, which you will have already seen.

As you know, the Diocese is currently without a Bishop, although Bishop Bob Gillies was very much an inspiration for what is now being taken forward. I do know that Bishop Mark, of the Moray Diocese, who has pastoral responsibility for this Diocese and is present this evening in the meantime, very much endorses the project. However I am particularly delighted to welcome also Bishop Robert Wickham, Bishop of Edmonton, who will be addressing the Diocesan Synod tomorrow, and who has considerable experience of this kind of project, and he will shortly say a few words.

He will be followed by James Lyon, the indefatigable Chairman of the Development Committee, who has a magnificent track record in delivering similar ventures, and he will give a brief overview of the entire project and the team which he has assembled.

Of course, a complex project like this requires finance. So we have been fortunate to have persuaded Dr Claire Woods, who will be known to many of you, to take on the role of Director of Fundraising, and she will speak last and set out the parameters of what is required and how, with your help, we plan to attain it.

But before I ask Bishop Robert to speak, let me simply say that this project is not a matter for the Cathedral and its congregation exclusively. Rather, it is one which must involve the entire Diocese and the Church communities which make it up. More than that, as you will see from the brochures which you have been given, our links with the Episcopal Church in the United States are strong and we hope to use them to good effect.

Preliminary work has already begun; planning consent is being applied for; applications to help with funding have been lodged. A very exciting journey has begun. It will need all our joint determination and enthusiasm to see it concluded.