Listing of Cathedral Trustees

Stephanie BrockCathedral Elected
Mark Edwards
(People's Warden)
Cathedral Elected
Regina JaschkeCathedral Elected
Dr Ian LongCathedral Elected
Andrew Morrisson
(Lay Rep)
Ex Officio Elected
Claire Morrisson
(Provost's Warden)
Ex Officio Appointed
Kelechi NwajiubaCathedral Elected
Chioma OjinnaCathedral Elected
Michael StoneCathedral Elected
Lorna AndersenDiocesan Elected
Capt. Derek WhatlingDiocesan Elected
Mark Strange (Interim Bishop)Ex Officio
Isaac M Poobalan (Provost)Ex Officio

To contact all the Trustees email:

To contact a particular Trustee see the detailed listing on the last page of our magazine, Focus.

For details of the various activities in the Cathedral (Choir, Children’s Ministry, Catering …) and for names & contact information of those responsible, again see the listing on the last page of our magazine, Focus.

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