Regular Giving



“I would like to thank those who have considered their stewardship and responded in ways most appropriate to them. And it’s on this theme that I would like to respond to questions raised by several people relating to changing the way that they give financially and the issue of Gift Aid.

We have not been good as a Cathedral at making it easy for people to give and this is being addressed. We are all familiar with cash giving when we attend one of our services. However, if you are able you can help the Cathedral by making regular contributions either through the Freewill Offering Scheme [Envelopes] or by setting up a standing order for your Bank to make payment to the cathedral on your behalf. If you would like to join the Freewill Offering Scheme please talk to either me or Claire Morrisson and we will help you through the process of registering.

Many of us now give to the Cathedral by way of a Standing Order. This is an instruction from you to your Bank, to pay a pre-defined sum of money to the Cathedral at a set frequency. This is usually monthly but it could be quarterly or any other period that is convenient for you. We recognise that many people do not have internet access or do not wish to use the internet banking facilities offered by their Bank.

If you identify with this situation we have made a Standing Order Form available at the back of the cathedral on the tables to the right of the Visitor’s Book. All you need to do is take a Form, complete it and hand it in to your Bank at your convenience. I will be happy to advise on the completion of the Form but if you would rather, staff at your branch will be able to help you.

If however you are online and use internet banking facilities, you can set up a Standing Order once you have logged in to your account; simply follow the instructions provided by your Bank. Rather than printing the account details here, I would ask you to take a note of the Cathedral’s banking details from a Standing Order Form at the back of the Cathedral.


Making your giving go further: Donations made by individuals to charities are tax free; the tax goes to the charity. Donating through Gift Aid means that the Cathedral, as a registered charity, can claim an extra 25p for every £1 that you give. It will not cost you any extra.

As long as you are a UK tax payer you can give through Gift Aid. To register, you need to make a Gift Aid Declaration in order for the Cathedral to claim. You will find Gift Aid Forms at the back of the Cathedral next to the Standing Order Forms. Even if you have previously completed such a declaration for another Charity you must give a declaration for the Cathedral if you want to donate through Gift Aid.

One final note on this theme. Gift Aid can only be claimed by the Cathedral if your donations are identifiable as being yours. Using the Freewill Offering Envelopes or giving by Standing Order ensures that this is the case. However if you give cash or donate through one of the white envelopes found in the pews, and do not write your name on it, then the Cathedral cannot attribute it to you.

Again, if you need help or have further questions, please contact me and I will be pleased to help.”

[Based on an article contributed by Mark Edwards to the May 2015 issue of Focus.]