Sunday Worship

‘God is love and we are God’s children.’  This is a statement made at the beginning of our worship which affirms and celebrates a relationship that transcends all human categories.  And the worship at St Andrew’s celebrates that relationship in words and music in an atmosphere of beauty and splendour.

Celebrating the Sacraments, which reminds who we are and what binds us together as God’s Children, is at the very heart of our core act of worship.  The tokens of love instituted by Jesus in the Bread and in the Wine, reminds us of his love and our duty to love one another.

Choral worship is the form of celebration used at the Cathedral.  Music, especially Choral Music binds all that surrounds us through our senses and offers them to God in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

The form of worship used at the Cathedral can be found in print form at the Cathedral.  Hope you would be able to join us on one of these Sundays.  The outline of the form of worship can be found at the link below.

Weekly Sheets

Our weekly sheets below include Prayers for the Week and Notices.