Thy Kingdom Come – Peace

I will not leave you orphans. I am coming to you. John 14.18

Thy Kingdom Come

Pledge to Pray for Peace

Monday 22nd May, 22 year old Salman killed 22 people in Manchester arena.

It is hard to come to terms with the devastation caused by one individual on so many lives and lives associated with the victims and perpetrator. He was at the prime of his life with the whole life ahead of him. He was only 22 and for unknown reasons he had taken a life for each of his life on earth. It is of little comfort or hope to speculate. And for those who believe in life, abundant life promised by the one who gave his life to give us life, Jesus Christ we have a commandment to obey and an advice to follow. We are called to love and have been asked to pray.

Today is the eve of Ascension, a Rogation day i.e. a day observed as a of Prayer and a day of asking, by the Church. Jesus promised, ‘I will not leave you orphans. I am coming to you.’ (NRSV) The verb ‘coming’ ἔρχομαι is used in the Present, Indicative, Middle or Passive voice in the 1st Person Singular. The force of that usage is that the ONE who promised to be with us is both ever present and ever coming to our comfort and aid.

Let us pray that the ONE who is coming to bring peace and comfort will sustain and surround all who grieve the loss of their loved one, so violently. Let us also pray that the Peace of the ONE who is coming will come to all who are troubled and chose death over life and cause much pain.

The symbol above is Arabic numerals for 22 designed as M to remember the 22 victims of the 22 year old Salman in Manchester on the 22nd of May.