CDP 2020 Fundraising

CDP2020 Dr Claire Woods, Director of Fundraising outlined the plan

Good evening everyone, my name is Claire Woods. I am an active member of the St Andrew’s Cathedral congregation, serving on the Board of Trustees as Provost’s Warden and assisting in the cathedral choir, training the young trebles.

I was both honoured and slightly scared when I was invited to join the Project Management Team as Director of Fundraising and I am speaking to you in that capacity this evening. A quick glance around you will be enough for you to realise that our Diocesan Cathedral is in dire need of some TLC. The walls, which were last repainted in the early 1980s, are covered in waxy dirt, many of the lights no longer work because the wiring is corroded and the heating is chronically unreliable. Most of you have attended large diocesan events here in the past and will have found that the vestries are too small and the toilets are woefully inadequate. It is clear that something has to be done – but what?

The Cathedral Trustees have been exploring development options for the past 15 years, with many false starts and rejected ideas along the way. Now at last, under Isaac’s leadership, we believe we have discerned God’s purpose for us in this central Aberdeen location. The congregation and Chapter all share a vision of making St Andrew’s Cathedral a home of Christian hospitality and culture in the heart of Aberdeen.

The brochures you have been given explain the development plans. In particular they tell you how the improvements are designed to benefit the congregation, young and old, the diocese as a whole, local community groups, young music performers and other musicians, seekers after truth and pilgrims from further afield.

We believe this programme will give something to everyone and we are asking everyone to give something to the programme. The total cost of the programme is £1.7 million, of which £650,000 has been secured and a further £200,000 identified. This brings us to the halfway point of the journey. We have a target of £400,000 to raise from the present and past cathedral community and the diocese.

We are most grateful that the Diocesan Lent Appeal has been allocated to the project this year. I am asking that you consider becoming an individual benefactor of the cathedral, as the mother church of the diocese. I also urge you to organise a group of members of your own church collectively to become a benefactor. For example, the mothers at the cathedral have pledged to join together to become a group benefactor and they will do this as part of their thanksgiving offering to God on Mothering Sunday.

By pledging 5, 10 or 25 pounds a week for a 3-year period, you can become a benefactor, donating a sliver, gold or platinum seat or ‘Cathedra’ to the project. All the information you need to do this is at the back of the brochures. There are additional brochures and separate pledging forms on the tables at the back of the cathedral. Please take a few as you leave and distribute them around your own church.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your generous response to this appeal.