Choir Tours

The choir arranges a week-long residency to sing the daily services at one of the Cathedrals or Greater Churches in England during the summer. This intensive singing week affords an excellent opportunity for the trebles to progress musically as well as bonding as a team. It is also an opportunity for ex-members who have moved on to participate with the current Lay Clerks, renewing old friendships and forming new acquaintances. In recent years, the Lay Clerks have also undertaken a separate weekend trip for the same purposes. Recent trips are listed below:

  • 2008 Lay Clerks – St Paul’s Cathedral; Cathedral Choir – St Edmundsbury Cathedral
  • 2009 Lay Clerks – York Minster; Cathedral Choir – Brecon Cathedral
  • 2010 Lay Clerks – Liverpool Cathedral;  Cathedral Choir – St David’s Cathedral
  • 2011 Lay Clerks – Canterbury Cathedral; Cathedral Choir – Portsmouth Cathedral
  • 2012 Lay Clerks – Manchester Cathedral; Cathedral Choir – Bristol Cathedral
  • 2013 Lay Clerks – Sherborne Abbey; Cathedral Choir – Newcastle Cathedral
  • 2014 Cathedral Choir – Ely Cathedral
  • 2015 Cathedral Choir – Carlisle Cathedral
  • 2016 Cathedral Choir – Coventry Cathedral