Readers’ Rota

Readers’ & Intercessors’ Rota April – June 2019

Reading Scriptures in the Cathedral is a special ministry. There are two aspect public reading of the Scriptures, the art of reading and the science behind it. The Ministry of the Word as we call it in our form of worship or Liturgy is a tradition the Christian Church has inherited from our ancestry in the Synagogue worship in the Jewish Tradition. We read the scripture with clarity, simplicity and reverence. To be able to read well, we have to know what we read, the context in which it was set originally and proclaim it as our heritage which we love and cherish.

Reading at our Cathedral is a special art. We have Public Address System with microphone and sound boxes or speakers. We have a building which has an unusual acoustics where the sound travels differently from any other building. Therefore, it is essential we read it clearly, firmly and slowly. It is important to rehearse both privately and publicly, in consultation with our Sound Engineer.

There are set ways of introducing, beginning and ending each reading. It is important that we observe all those protocols that people recognise that you are a Minister of the Word. Some writings are difficult to bring out their meaning. Please seek advise from the Provost or some other good reader. There are various ways of ending the reading of the scripture. The best ending is, ‘For the Word of the Lord’ the response is, ‘Thanks be to God.’

Thank you for your share in this ministry. God bless you as you proclaim the Word of God to the People of God.