Children’s Ministry

The Cathedral community warmly welcomes children of all ages to its established and vibrant activities for our youngest members. These include the Sunday morning Crèche, Godly Play & Junior Church and Junior Choir, as well as special children’s events throughout the year (e.g., at Christmas & Easter).

In the Summer, during School holidays, Children remain in the Cathedral for All Age Family Worship.  The Liturgy reflects our global community with prayers from Scotland, Holy Land and Africa; gathered and offered together.

St Andrew’s Cathedral worship style is Choral and Liturgical.  Children and Young People play a central role in the Cathedral worship.  Please look up the Worship page for details, if you are interested in joining the Choir.

Here is Schedule for the Cathedral ministry among young people and children.

1 Oct 17


Harvest Harvest—story of Isaac and Rebekah All together in church
8 Oct 17 Pentecost 18 Remembering our story/family tree Lucy Elizabeth Meet in JSC
15 Oct 17


Pentecost 19 No CM Oct hols

Steph away

22 Oct 17 Pentecost 20 Advent play-parts

Who helps you? Pg 3 activity (and song)

Steph Brittany October hols

Meet in arts space

29 Oct 17


All Saints Craft/Activity

All Saints/all souls

Lucy Didi


SB away

Meet in JSC

5 Nov 17


TEC Visit/

All Souls

Advent Play

Practice music with crèche

Steph Elizabeth Meet in JSC
12 Nov 17


Remembrance Advent play – one of the activities on pg 2-3, songs Lucy Faustina Remembrance Sunday. (SB not available)
19 Nov 17 Pentecost 24 Prep for Advent Steph Eleanor


Meet in arts space
26 Nov 17


Christ the King Prep for Advent Steph/Lucy Didi Meet in arts space
3 Dec 17 Advent 1 Advent 1—Mary’s Knitting play in church All together in church
10 Dec 17


Advent 2 Advent 2

Continue advent theme, possibly craft

Lucy Didi


SB not available
17 Dec 17


Advent 3 Advent 3

Posada dolls and story

Steph Elizabeth
24 Dec 17


Advent 4 Advent 4 Christmas eve

All together in church

31 Dec 17


New Year New Year’s Eve All together in church
7 Jan 18 Epiphany Epiphany

[1] C* = Creche                  NC**= No Creche