The Most Holy Place

Jesus entered the Most Holy Place once and for all. Hebrews 9.8


Every moment of suffering has three layers. The outer, the medial and the inner. When Jesus entered his Passion, his outer court looked focused, determined and active. Jesus ate with his friends, communed with them, taught them and prepared them for entry into the inner court. Here he had his close friends, he preferred solitude, he prayed, he cried and was in agony. In the most holy place, he was with his Father, alone. He was visible on the cross and yet invisible in his communion with the father. While the on lookers saw his suffering and heard his cry, it was but the shadow of his offering. Here in is the mystery of the cross. While the senses give us some glimpse into this suffering, there is peace and joy in the invisible. He we enter in only in and through him.